Personify versus Apps

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Personify vs. Apps, which is better for communication with your customer and reaching new customers. Here is general information to consider:

Instantly available when you have an internet connection.  Most mobile phones cover the majority of the world.

Compatible across devices. You can access via mobile

phones, tablets, PCs, and other devices that have access to the internet.


Any updates to a website become instantly available to your customers.

Search engines make finding a website easier.

Shareable. Information can be shared and searched by everyone with an internet connection.

Websites are always available for customers.

Easier and less expensive. Website development is more cost and time effective. Support and maintenance are also cost and time effective.

The average shelf life of an app is short, less than 30 days according to research.

Limited to who has the app on their phone
and other devices, also limited by availability
for a particular device.

Updates have to be pushed to end users, which then must be downloaded in order to update.

Limited to the manufacturer's app store, not every app store will have your app available.

Not shareable on social media sites because social media sites do not support apps. To use apps, your customers must have the app on their device to access the information you want to share. If your customer doesn't have the app, your customer doesn't have your information.

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