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MarketingOpedia LLC has acquired PersonifyNow

The web card will get your information into your customer's hand and work for you.

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  • The web card will work to increase your SEO

  • The web card can be linked to your emails, text message, QR code printed on your literature, and even NFC

  • Customers can access your information 24/7/365 as long as they have internet access

  • Updates are automatic, your customers do not have to update or download an APP, we are web-based, the card updates each time it is open

  • Secure server

  • Png file for video background

  • QR Code

  • Phone image

QR codes give you several competitive advantages.

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A custom Zoom background helps you get more appointments.

Staying on your customer's phone increase referrals and sales.

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Monthly Subscription:

$10.00 per month

+ $25.00 one-time set-up fee.