How it Works

Learn how PersonifyNow works once you receive your web-card and how it ultimately works for you through different medias.


Every email you send, just add the webcard to the signature line. One-click, they have your information.


Every text you send, just add the webcard to the message. One-click, they have your information.


This works great for trade shows, put the QR code with a message for people that want your information, however, they are in a rush, don't miss potential customers. One-click, they have your information.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Near Field Communication

Near field communication can get your web-card to customers when you are not there. These can be put where your potential customers are, so they can contact you. With one-click they have your information.


 PersonifyNow web-card tells the world about you, your products, your services and any information that you want them to know and have easy access to.  

Social Media

Social media is a great way to get your web-card to customers. Attach your web-card to every post to let customers know you are there for them in just one-click.


Every time a customer clicks on your web-card, it adds ranking value to the web-card for locating on the world wide web. Our client's D.M.P. can be found on page one when customers search for the client's name or company. The "One-click" gets you to be #1 ranking on search engines.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan


Laura Orean - Director of Operations

Arron Gonzales - Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Wilcken - Director of Sales, Canada

Dee Kyles - Director of Social Media