PersonifyNow webcard tells the world about you, your products, your services, or any information that you want them to know and have easy access to.

Every email you send, just add the webcard to the signature line. One-click, they have your information.

Every text you send, just add the webcard to the message. One-click, they have your information.

Printed literature, add your personnel QR code. This works great for trade shows, put the QR code with a message for people that want your information, however, they are in a rush, don't miss potential customers. One-click, they have your information.

Near field, communication can get your webcard to customers when you are not there. These can be put where your potential customers are, so they can contact you. One-click, they have your information.

Social media is a great way to get your webcard to customers. Every post, attach your webcard Let customers know you are there for them with - One-click, they have your information.

Every time a customer clicks on your webcard, it adds ranking value to the webcard for locating on the world wide web. Our client's D.M.P. can be found on page one when customers search for the client's name or company. The "One-click" gets you to be #1 ranking on search engines.

PersonifyNow LLC

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Matthew Bueche - CEO

Laura Orean - Director of Production

Arron Gonzales - Director, Sales & Marketing