What information should go on the web card and can I change the information?

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The web card should have what your customer needs to contact you and to make the sale. Give your customers a clear path to what they want and need, with our web card, you can do that.


See below how the information works:

The web card starts with the company logo, this logo can link to a website, video, or document (as long as the video and documents have a URL, it will work on the web card). If you don't have a URL for them, contact us and we can set it up for you.

The "Email Me", "Call Me", "Share By Text", and "Share By Email" are linked to the email and mobile number supplied. With one click they can connect with you or share your web card. These buttons can be turned off as a group, so they will not show.

Other information for the company can be added and information for the employee. The employee photo can be added and this can also link to a website, video, or document. If you want the company logo to show when

the web card is saved to the home screen on

phones or computers, you can have that.


"Save To Contacts" lets your customers save your web card to their contacts with one click. This button can be turned off, so it will not show.

The custom button links drive your customers to what you want them to know and what they want, no more searching for information on your website. Put your calendar on so customers can schedule an appointment with you,  it gives them control to schedule a time that works. You can have as many custom buttons as needed.

Social media can either be buttons or icons

The web card gives you a custom QR code so you can add it to literature, video conference backgrounds, and signage.

GPS location for customers to meet you, or the street address.

Manufacturer information

The bottom image works like the top image, can link to video, web site, or other information.

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Qualifications (licenses, etc)

Position in company

Email Me

Call Me

Share By Text

Share By Email

Company Telephone

Company Fax

Direct Telephone

Direct Fax




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Save To Contacts

Specials This Month

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Calendar an Appointment




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Information on the web card can be updated anytime needed, the new information should be emailed to PersonifyNow - infopn@personifynow.com


Monthly Subscription:

   $10.00 per month

 +$25.00 one-time set-up fee.

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Monthly Subscription:

   $70.00 per month

+ $100.00 one-time set-up fee.

  • Good personal branding increases sales

  • Schedule more appointments with prospects

  • Network Marketing

  • Use custom QR code to keep the menu on customer's phone 24/7/365

  • Increase SEO giving you more traffic

  • Increase call ahead orders and reservations


Monthly Subscription:

   $80.00 per month

+ $100.00 one-time set-up fee.

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Monthly Subscription:

   $10.00 per month

 +$25.00 one-time set-up fee.

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  • Increase SEO driving more listing and showings

  • Quickly prequalify buyers and sellers

  • Increase referrals

  • All your information in one location

  • Easy to update information

  • Digital communicating