How is PersonifyNow web card different than others in the market?

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The PersonifyNow web cards are designed to help businesses and individuals promote the services and products they want to offer to customers. PersonifyNow works to help increase your SEO, not our SEO or social media sites.  We do not gather or sell your information, we have no access to information on your phones, tablets, or computers. PersonifyNow does not ask for any access to any of your information. 

Make sure on other digital business cards to check the "Terms and Conditions", most of them the terms state that you are giving them access to your contacts, photo and really anything you have on your phone. The "free" app makes it money by selling the information they gather from your phone.  Check out the article below:

Written by:Rex M. Lee


Web Card

Access 24/7/365 and NEVER be without your web card identity. Connect to sales, marketing, social, and multimedia links at the touch of a button

Update of content on the web cards in real-time

Contacts save seamlessly and automatically into your mobile contact base at the touch of a button

Receive great integrated analytics and reporting for your company, branch, department, and individuals. Measures the degree of customer engagement.

Use your web card to communicate products, prices, promotions and do business from one place

Compatible with ALL Smartphones, tablets & computers


Easily shared by text, email, or Bluetooth


Can be saved directly to recipients Contacts or Home Page


Adaptable to individual needs

Company Directories listings can be created


Support and maintenance are also cost and time effective.

Our web card has no access to your

contact information, no access to your devices.

See below for our "User agreement"



The average shelf life of an app is short (less than 30 days according to research).

Apps are limited to whoever has them on their phone.


Some devices are also limited by the availability of that particular device.

Apps have to be pushed to end users which then must be downloaded in order to update.

Limited to the manufacturer's app store, not every app store will have your app available.

Not shareable on social media sites because social media sites do not support apps. To use apps, your customers must have the app on their device to access the information you want to share. If your customer doesn't have the app, your customer doesn't have your information.

"Free" digital web cards have access to your contacts. Once they get your contact list, they sell the information, nothing is really "free", they are just making money selling your contact information.

Always read the "Terms and Conditions" before accepting an app.


Monthly Subscription:

   $10.00 per month

 +$25.00 one-time set-up fee.

  • Good personal branding increases sales

  • Schedule more appointments with prospects

  • Network Marketing

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Monthly Subscription:

   $70.00 per month

+ $100.00 one-time set-up fee.

  • Use custom QR code to keep the menu on customer's phone 24/7/365

  • Increase SEO giving you more traffic

  • Increase call ahead orders and reservations


Monthly Subscription:

   $80.00 per month

+ $100.00 one-time set-up fee.

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Monthly Subscription:

   $10.00 per month

 +$25.00 one-time set-up fee.

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  • Increase SEO driving more listing and showings

  • Quickly prequalify buyers and sellers

  • Increase referrals

  • All your information in one location

  • Easy to update information

  • Digital communicating