Personify is the digital business card

It's true "Simplicity in Marketing"

Personify functions as a comprehensive marketing platform that amplifies

networking capabilities while driving new and meaningful revenue.

Using Personify will empower you to leverage existing relationships and

cultivate new clients in unique new ways.


Handing out a business card is one of the oldest, and still relevant, ways to share your business with someone. However, paper business cards have many limitations with 88% of them being discarded in less than a week. Through innovative technology (we are NOT an App), we blend the advantages of on-line marketing with the traditional business card.

Here is what you can do with Personify:

Digitize your business card to take you virtually anywhere in the world 24/7/365

Customize your digital business card to create a personal experience for your customers

Create instant lead generation through networking

Segment customer base

Actively engage customers with a targeted and specialized online marketing campaign

Follow-up with prospects quickly and build your network easily and efficiently

Update business details and campaigns with just one click

Review the effectiveness of your sales team and identify the most effective net workers and sales team performers.

Track who is receiving your cards

Modify programs to improve performance

The Personify digital business card allows for all this and so much more with instant results

With Personify, you can see:

Who has viewed your electronic business card and who has shared it

Who has looked at which product or service

Who has engaged with your campaigns

Personify empowers you to:

Measure the success of your sales team through integrated marketing analytics

See who has generated the most leads or built the biggest network

Support your e-marketing campaigns with Personify online

business solutions

Manage all online marketing campaigns and social media

easily and effectively, allowing you to follow up on vital leads

and sales conversion


Reports will help track which Members are using their cards, how many times they are viewed, how many times they are forwarded. And when forwarded will tell you who sent them and who received them.

Personify will greatly enhance your Member's networking efforts, stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects alike, and greatly assist them in closing more sales.

Social Media and E-Signature

Personify will also set up social media ads and E-Signatures to promote the digital business cards for your Members.

Every email sent will have the digital card attached so the Members can have all the NMA information desired in front of their customers.