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Give your student a jump on the competition with the Personify digital business card

The PersonifyNow digital webcard creates a marketing platform for students to express the knowledge and skills they have acquired at college and through life experiences. This digital business card makes the information available 24/7 worldwide to the companies and people they choose to share their webcards with.

The information on the digital card can be updated as needed to keep information current and add new information.

The school logo can have a video, pdf, or other information. The student's photo and the image at the bottom of the card can also have a video, pdf, or information that the student wants to share.

This webcard will give your student the opportunity to showcase more information than they can with the standard resume and reference packets. Buttons can be added to show artwork, great plays in the big football game, and other videos and works that your students have achieved.

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Laura Orean - Director of Operations

Arron Gonzales - Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Wilcken - Director of Sales, Canada

Dee Kyles - Director of Social Media