The Personify Now digital business card is making the

world of technology work for you. Our business card is a marketing platform to get your information in front of your customers and make it an easy click to them to share your business card with the people that you also want as your new customers. 

The customer can save your digital card to their home page as a web page or save to your contacts. Saving as a web page makes it one of their favorites and saving to their contacts, puts your URL address for your digital card in with your other information, so they can pull it up when needed or share with other potential customers.

To get your digital business card, please contact us via our contact page, or please complete the order form to get the world at your fingertips.

Personify Now is the digital business card

It's true "simplicity in marketing"

Personify functions as a comprehensive marketing platform that amplifies networking capabilities while driving new and meaningful revenue. Using Personify Now will empower you to leverage existing relationships and cultivate new clients in unique new ways.


A great definition of marketing is the means by which an organization communicates to, connects with, and engages its target audience to convey the value of and ultimately sells its products and services. 

A Personify digital business card is an essential business tool used for growing your business faster while saving you money. Have you ever wondered what happens to your business card once you have handed them to your customer? Wouldn't it be great to know where your efforts go?

We feel that "Simplicity in Marketing" is the utmost in Sophistication!

See how paper cards really work.

Handing out a business card is one of the oldest, and still relevant, ways to share your business with someone. However the paper business cards have many limitations with 88% of them being discarded in less than a week. Through innovative technology (we are NOT an App), we blend the advantages of on-line marketing with the traditional business card.

This provides you with a comprehensive marketing platform that amplifies your networking capability while driving new and meaningful revenue. Using Personify Now will empower you to leverage existing relationships and cultivate new clients in unique new ways.

How does the Personify digital business card boost lead generation?

A Personify digital business card instantly connects people together and creates powerful networks. Furthermore, it allows for easy and comprehensive sales and marketing management. Our back-end analytics will provide management with quantifiable results along with copious amounts of marketing data.

Enhance your connectivity today and build your brand in an instant! With Personify, your online marketing campaign will reach new heights, filling an important role in your business growth.

  • It allows you to measure the success of your sales team through integrated marketing analytics

  • See who has generated the most leads or built the biggest network

  • Support your e-marketing campaigns with Personify online business solutions

  • Manage all online marketing campaigns and social media easily and effectively, allowing you to follow up on vital leads and sales conversion

Social Media and E-signature

Today most people use social media sites for keeping in contact with their family and friends, also for their business image. Social media is an excellent way to get your Personify digital business card out to your family, friends and business contacts and new customers looking at your social media sites.